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- Only Japanese amateur girl related galleries.
- You must link Banner. Link to
- No blind links, next page, gallery01, pics01, etc.
- Do not submit galleries with tons of banners.
- Pics can not open into html or htm files.
- Pics must open into bigger .jpg or .gif
- Pics can not open in new browsers.
- No galleries with frames.
- No galleries with consoles, this will get you black listed.
- Changing your gallery right after you get posted will get you black listed.
- Please do not keep sending me the same galleries.
- No more then 3 posts per webmaster a day, unless I say you may.
- No images that are so compressed they look like sh*t.
- No sound/music when the html loads, or voice banners.
- Make sure all your links work! To many thumb links are not working.
- If your images are to small you will not be listed.

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